Keyword Research

A well designed website should have lots of natural copy that contains those keywords that are most relevant to your site.  But how do you decide what keywords to target?

Let’s start with a quick definition:  ”keyword” = noun.   1. A word or phrase that your clients use to help them find what they are looking for.  2.  A word or phrase that search engines identify on your site and utilize for indexing.

OK, that was a bit academic, but thought we should at least start with a working definition.

A keyword is only as good as its’ searches.

If you want to rank, your site needs to focus on keywords that people are searching for. I could build a site tomorrow that is optimized for “rubbery pumpkin daddies” and probably rank #1 for that keyword phrase in google within a day or two….   BUT…. is anyone searching for that term?  Not likely.  In fact a quick search on google shows no results for that phrase.  So, it would be very easy to rank for it quickly… but it would be a waste of time, since no one is searching for it.

When trying to rank for phrases that people are searching for, more often than not, that means that there will be some competition. Your goal is to figure out which keywords or variations of your keywords you can target and achieve rank.  Sometimes that means you won’t go out of the gate targeting “Motorcycle Parts”, but instead a more specific niche of motorcycle parts, such as “Ducati Handlebars”

One of the cheapest (if you like “free”) and easiest ways to perform keyword research is using Google itself – the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.  While it is developed to help people who are selecting keywords for their Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads, it is very helpful for finding out what keywords are being searched, how often, and also for spitting out dozens of related keywords that you may not have even thought about.  You can find it at:


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