Nov 14

Finding Total Number of Rows in Adobe Analytics

A colleague asked a question the other day: “is there an easy way to get to how many rows a particular report has in Adobe Analytics (SiteCatalyst?”

Why yes, if you are using the Adobe Ad Hoc (Discover) tool, it is quite easy.

Step 1:  Pull your report of interest

Step 2: Look at the top right of the table.

Step 3: Notice the nice little total rows number for you.

Relish in the fact that you did not have to do a DataWarehouse or ReportBuilder pull, and then add all of the rows.

Report Total Rows Adobe Analytics

Jan 13

Current Data Reports in Adobe SiteCatalyst

A new lesser-known feature in SiteCatalyst is called “Current Data”.
This allows users of SiteCatalyst version15 to see almost real-time data on traffic reports (props), and about a 20 min delay on conversion data (eVars).

For many companies that have been waiting to upgrade to SC15 until improvements in data processing were rolled out, that day has come.

Access is not available to everyone, you must be added to the Current Data User Group in the Admin.


Go forth and enjoy those Current (almost real-time) reports!

For more info see the Current Data Help article

Mar 12

SiteCatalyst Quick Tip: Advanced Search Quirks

I stumbled across a little trick recently that could save time and frustration for any analyst that is dealing with pipe ” | ” based Page Name delimiters.

This is completely made up data, but it will illustrate the issue and the workaround.

Let’s say your website hosts content on Utah Ski resorts. You’ve named your pages that are ski resort “guides” as “guide | [ski resort name]”.

Now, you are looking to make a clean report that shows how each of the ski resort guides are performing. Knowing that you can use the search box, you do a search for “guide” like this.

sitecatalyst search report

Unfortunately, as seen above, this search pulls in an unwanted line item. You are not interested in the photo guides for this report. You just want the resort guides.

What do you next?

If you are like me, you try typing in guide with a pipe. Unfortunately that doesn’t work, you still get the unwanted photo guide.

Next, you try going to the Advanced Search option forcing the string with quotes, like this.

No luck there either. When you run the report the search box oddly enough, changes to this:

And you still get your unwanted line item.

Finally, you try typing “guide |” directly into to the search bar, and BAM! You get what you were looking for.