Excel Plugin for Google Analytics

I have been using Google Analtyics and it is great.  One of the challenges with it is easily importing data into Excel for further analysis and reporting.  One way to do this is with a nifty plugin from the folks at http://excellentanalytics.com/

Excellent Analytics functionality:

  • Build queries with all dimensions and metrics available in Google Analytics
  • Apply filters to create advanced queries
  • All queries are stored in the spreadsheet

Benefits of reporting and analyzing Google Analytics data in Microsoft Excel:

  • Get one less tool to keep track of
  • Use a familiar interface
  • Combine data from multiple data sources
  • Use Excel formulas, charts, and pivot tables
  • Define and calculate customized KPIs
  • Build dashboards just the way you like them
  • Share workbooks with other Excel users

Imported data is stored in the spreadsheet so you can sort, manipulate, and distribute data to anyone using Microsoft Excel.

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