On Page SEO: Title Tags

It is amazing when you look around at sites on the web and see so few using the HTML Title tag properly.

Most folks will put their company name inside the Title tags, which does little to nothing for most SEO needs…. unless you are a big brand like NIKE or something….

For the average small biz website, you want your title tag to have the keywords of what product or niche you are focused on.  That way, if someone does a search for “GPS Dog Collar” you will have a better chance of ranking for that keyword, than if your Title is “Stupendous Pet Stuff”

Your title is one of the components to SEO that is heavily weighed.  Of course it is important that your on page content is relevant to your title, or browsers won’t stay around long.  Additionally most search engines will check to see if your title is relevant to your content.

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