Link Building and Yahoo Site Explorer

While you can get great rankings in some niches by simply doing excellent on page optimization such as:

  • relevant TITLE
  • relevant URL
  • well written content with your keywords scattered naturally throughout

One of the key components to getting good rankings is links pointing to your site. (Especially in competitive markets.)

One way to judge your competitors is to look at their inbound links.  One way to gauge this is by using Yahoo Site Explorer at and typing  in the full URL of your competitor’s site.  Then click on “inlinks” and you will see how many links they have both internally and externally.  You can select to only see external links to get a clear idea.

No do the same thing for your site and compare the number of links.  You should also be looking at the quality.  Are the links from sites in related industries, or niches.  Are they from directories? Link farms?

If your competitor links are from related sites, you will have a bigger challenge ahead, but if they are from lower quality sites, you may be able to surpass them with even just a few high quality links.

Another thing you can do with Yahoo Site Explorer of course is to note the URLs of relevant sites that are giving link love to your competitors. This shows they are “willing” to give links. You may be able to get a link from that same site if you send them a personal email.  Take the time to research the owner of the site, and send them an email directly for the best results.


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