Link Building: Using Anchor Text Correctly

Writing good, clear copy that is relevant to your niche, is the first step to SEO success.  The second major area for success is through having lots of links pointing to your site.

When getting links, the more that those links can have relevant keywords in the anchor text, the better.  For example if your site is selling skateboards, you want the links to look like   <a href=”>Skateboards</a>.  Since Skateboards is between the HTML anchor tags it is considered, yup, the anchor text.

As you continue building links, ideally, the anchor text would be similar, but slightly different.  If you had 1,000 links that all had “skateboards” as the anchor text, google and other search engines may see it as “unnatural link building”  perhaps as done by a computer program.

So, you would want to have some variation — perhaps:

<a href=”>Custom Skateboards</a>
<a href=”>skate decks</a>
<a href=”>maple skateboards</a>
<a href=”>Powell Peralta Skateboards</a>
<a href=”>click here</a>

So that your anchor text appears “natural.”

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