Site Catalyst Quick Tip: Event Naming

I’ve been dormant on this blog for a while. Very simple post today to get things rolling.

In naming your events in Adobe SiteCatalyst, use category groupings to keep them organized.

SiteCatalyst Event Naming
The Metrics Selector in SiteCatalyst is automatically sorted alphabetically (and there is no way to change it). So, it behooves us to take advantage of this feature when creating our event names. For example for your registration events, you would want to name them as:

Registration: Start
Registration: Step2
Registration: Step3

Using this kind of scheme will save you time when you are looking to build a funnel or add these metrics to another Conversion Report.
If you do something like:

Start Registration
Enter Detail Info
Complete Registration

These events will be spread out in your Metrics selector, and you will have to scroll around to find them.

To edit your event names, go to Admin > Report Suites > Edit Settings > Conversion > Success Events.

SiteCatalyst Success Events Admin Menu

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